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Hiring a HubSpot Admin? Read This First.

by Doug Davidoff | Aug 11, 2023 5:42:18 PM


If you’ve read my blogs or listened to my podcast, you know what I consider to be the four most dangerous words in the English language: “All we need is…”

That’s because there’s no magic wand. Growth is hard. It’s frustrating. Getting to the next level requires work on very unglamorous things like business processes and growth strategies.

If you don’t have those things in place, a piece of tech or a new hire isn’t going to save you. Anyone who tells you otherwise is bullshitting you. 

If you’re using HubSpot at the heart of your business and your business isn’t thriving, you’re not using HubSpot to its fullest potential. 

Here’s another dirty little secret: If your business processes aren’t optimized, any HubSpot administrator you hire will use their skill set to manage chaos instead of advancing your business. And that’s not their fault. Even the best and brightest person cannot single-handedly correct every problem.

And yet, over and over, I see HubSpot administrators hired—at a not inconsiderable salary—to spend their days putting out fires. 

Many companies don’t realize that HubSpot problems are usually just symptoms. Their real need is solving the underlying business issues that manifest as HubSpot problems.

That’s why I decided Lift should offer HubSpot Admin as a Service.

As we’ve started rolling out HubSpot Admin as a Service more widely, I’ve gotten a flurry of questions.

Here are some of the most frequently asked:

What is HubSpot Admin as a Service?

HubSpot Admin as a Service does everything an on-staff HubSpot administrator does—but more effectively. 

Here’s why: instead of a single person, HubSpot Admin as a Service provides a dedicated team of experts with the knowledge and skill set from hundreds of successful implementations. Your team members take care of everything from day-to-day admin and troubleshooting to offering data-based insights and recommendations to make your business operate more efficiently. 

What’s more, Lift understands that technology needs to support your business processes, not vice versa. Remember those “unglamorous” things I mentioned earlier? With HubSpot Admin as a Service, your team members have the business acumen and experience to support your business processes.

What do I get with HubSpot Admin as a Service?

Lift supplies a complete implementation team to ensure the performance your company needs— typically for less than what you would pay for a single HubSpot admin on staff. 

That means you’ll get HubSpot portal maintenance, data management, workflow management, reporting configuration, and everything else an on-staff HubSpot admin does. Even more significantly, our dedicated team provides the “bigger picture” knowledge and skill set from hundreds of implementations across more than 30 different industries.

That’s because Lift employees know technology is most valuable when it enables and accelerates your business processes. Your team members will bring business acumen, as well as a valuable "outsider perspective" required to drive performance. 

Here’s what you get with Lift Enablement’s Base Tier and Leader Tier:

HubSpot Admin as a Service (HAaaS) - Comparison Chart

Is my company a good fit for HubSpot Admin as a Service?

HubSpot Admin as a Service was created for companies that want to accelerate and scale growth while increasing predictability. It is intended for businesses ready to invest in their go-to-market (GTM) functions to create greater alignment, both for the GTM team and within specific departments like sales, marketing, and customer success.

HubSpot Admin as a Service is a great fit if your company:

  • Has between 50 - 350 sales or service/success reps
  • Seeks serious growth and is looking to double revenue in the next 3-5 years and then double again in the 3-5 years after that
  • Is open to candid assessments that will help achieve growth targets

How do I know if this is really better than hiring an on-staff HubSpot admin?

Every situation varies; only you can decide what’s right for your company. 

I believe HubSpot Admin as a Service offers some decided advantages, including:

  • HubSpot’s top implementation partner for large-scale (50+ seats) CRM and multi-hub implementations
  • Dedicated resources to manage the ongoing implementation and enhancements of your HubSpot CRM platform
  • A dedicated team with a varied skill set and the ability to hit the ground running
  • Integration and collaboration with your go-to-market teams to help achieve your goals
  • A flexible framework that supports your company’s differentiation
  • The experience that comes from more than 200 successful implementations
  • HubSpot’s top implementation partner for large-scale (50+ seats) CRM and multi-hub implementations.
  • A program of continuous improvement focused on aligning your business process and CRM
  • No on-staff employees to train and manage

Our secret? We don’t mess with what makes your company unique. 

We build the structure to support your differentiation. 

In fact, HubSpot Admin as a Service was intentionally designed to be framework-oriented, which gives us the structure to tailor our offering to fit each customer’s needs and support your differentiation. It’s definitely not an out-of-the-box solution.

If HubSpot Admin as a Service is a new service, how do I know it will work for me?

HubSpot Admin as a Service is new as a packaged service, but it’s been thoroughly tested. Before we officially launched, we tried out various elements for clients, eventually bringing those parts together in one cohesive service—with astonishing success. That’s when we knew we were ready to offer it beyond our existing client base. 

While I’m a sales guy at heart, I won’t sell anything I don’t believe in. I won’t sell something that I think is a bad fit. 

And HubSpot Admin as a Service isn’t right for everyone. 

Some companies aren’t yet in the right place. Some companies don’t have the right mindset. Some don’t want to know the truth about what they need to do to succeed. 

But if you’re growth-focused and want to learn more (including our price structure), please check out our HubSpot Admin as a Service page.

What’s your problem? Learn how HubSpot Admin as a Service can solve it.